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Rent a Car


 Traffic rule

Round About

Drive on the right side of the road.
You must wear the seatbelt, failing to do so is a serious offense.
Drink and drive is, of course, strictly prohibited.
There are no traffic lights except in large cities like Muscat, Sur, Salalah, and Buraymi. There are only roundabouts .


 Necessary to book

Muscat Airport

Most tourists who come to enjoy Oman’s diverse environment utilize a rent-a-car. Many of the car reservations are 4WD especially when there is difficulty booking during the busy Christmas season.
It is recommended to double-check for overbooking and vacancy of the 4 WD.
Regarding the choice of a car, a saloon car is enough for visiting the forts and cities.
However, around the mountain, Wadi, sand dune and unpaved road, a 4 WD is a must-have.
Drivers can request an automatic car, but if it is an absolute necessity, it is better to enter from Dubai; since most cars have manuals transmission in Oman.



4WD police car

Seatbelt use is obliged in Oman.
The penalty of the violations (As of 2002)
- Seatbelt 10 Rials
- Parking 5 Rials
- Speeding 10 Rials (exceed 20 km/h)
The rent-a-cars also have the same penalty which will be levied through the rent-a-car company later on, with added commission.
There is some coin parking by the seaside ( 50 Bz per 30 mins. ).
For your information, Police officers are patrolling for illegal parking quite often.


 Speed Limits

Driving school in Ruwi

Oman’s roads are modern and well-travelled, therefore please be careful not to speed excessively.
Generally, the speed limit for the motorway is 120 km/h, for the east side after Grand Mosque it is 100 km/h, and for the suburbs it is 100 km/h or 120 km/h.
However, please be careful and keep a good distance from the car ahead, since many of the drivers are driving at 150 km/h normally, frequently passing other cars.



The scene of the accident

You can enjoy driving, for most roads are well maintained. But be careful on dirt roads.
You don't want to get a flat tire!
If problems do occur, the local people are usually very helpful.
If accidents happen, keep calm and ask for help.
Avoid driving in dune area if you.


 Drive in Mountains


4 WD is a must-have to enjoy with mountain driving.
Please try to drive slowly.
The rugged mountain area needs extreme horsepower; therefore make full use of the engine, alternate braking and switch off the air conditioner.
A 4 WD tour is recommended as one of the alternatives to see the mountain area, because the mountain roads are very dangerous and one step ahead is the bottom of a ravine.


  From Dubai Info.


Type of car
Extra rate
Toyata ECO Class
180 DH
+90 DH(50 %Up)
Unlimited Mileage
(LAND Cruiser Class)
450 DH
+225 DH (50 %Up)
Unlimited Mileage

It can easily visit Oman from Dubai in United Arab Emirates.
The maximum advantage is that the automatic transmission car it and the distance are unrestricted.
The joining of the compulsory automobile liability insurance in Oman is indispensable when entering from Dubai to Oman.
The charge is to be increased the charge with 50 % increase of the regular fare of Dubai. Moreover, there is a car rental company that doesn't permit going out to foreign countries either for the luxury car of BMWs and the Toyota land cabin cruiser class.


 Entrance Info.

Entrance Visa
It is free because it is entered from United Arab Emirates a country.
However, it is different according to border.
Al Wajaja is Free.
Other border is 60 DH.
Required documentation
1. Compulsory automobile liability insurance certificate
2. Body proof (Pile up in the rent-a-car).
Oman compulsory automobile liability insurance cost
It is 100DH until the 10days
It is 100DH increase every 10 days after the 11 Days.
Exit tax
It is 2 Rials the passenger car each.

 Approach to Oman

Al wajaja
It is from Dubai to 1 hour and 15 minutes.
It is from Hatta to 10 minutes.
It is from Dubai to 2 hours and 45 minutes.
It is from Ras Al Khaymah to 45 minutes.
It is from Dubai to 2 hours and 15 minutes.
It is from Al Ain to 15 minutes.
Wadi Saa
It is from Dubai to 2 hours and 15 minutes.
It is from Al Ain to 15 minutes.
Wadi Jizi
It is from Dubai to 2 hours and 40 minutes.
It is from Al Ain to 40 minutes.
Khatmat Malahlah
It is from Fujayrah to 20 minutes.
It is from Diba to 1 hour.

 Border Map



Buraymi (Hili)

When you visit Musandam, we will recommend entering a country from the border of Thaibat.
We will recommend entering from the border of Al wajaja a country besides.
Moreover, when other Border is used, I will recommend the acquisition of the visa beforehand.

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