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 Restaurants in Muscat

Evening Open Restaurants
HappyNest , Auto matic ( Lebanese ) , Al Fishawi ( Egyptian ) and Fish village.
There are four restaurants in front of Radisson SAS hotel in Great Muscat and restaurants has open outside place.
The Sweet fragrant of Shesha gives enchanting atomospher to those restaurants.
About 5 - 6 Rials
Tokyo Taro ( Japanese )
This is the only Japanese restaurant in Oman that exists in 8F of Al Faraj Hotel in Rui. They do serve alcohol.
Lunch :About 5 Rials   Dinner:About 12 Rials or more
Bin Ateeq Restaurant ( Omani foods )
Bin ateeq is a traditional omani style restautant in Ruwi which is just a walking distance from Sheraton.
You can try real Omani dishes. Try Shark and food cooked in milk.
about 5 Rials
Turkish House Restaurant ( Turkish )
This is a Turkish restaurant which is located near Radisson SAS hotel in Grand Muscat.
You can enjoy some fresh fish and Turkish food. We recommend you to go to this restaurant with a group of people about four.
About 6 - 8 Rials
China Town ( Chinese )
You can enjoy yourself over this reasonable Chinese meal although they don't really make a real Chinese cuisine.
About 6 Rials
Geara Grill ( Arabic buffet )
This Restaurant is located on the second floor of Sultan Center along the highway which connects Al Qurm with Ruwi freeway.
This restaurant is for casual arabic buffet.
About 6 Rials
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