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General Info.


 Essential Information

Name of a country
Sultanate Of Oman
Head of state
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said
Official language
Arabic (They can use English, too.)
Local Time
GMT + 4 hours.
Oman and Rial One 1000 Rial = Baisa
US$ 1 = 0.385
Mark=OR (Oman Rial)
(As of Mar, 2008. )
Weights and measures
Metric system adoption, liter method adoption, and gram method adoption.
220 V and outlet shape:The BF type and however, the provinces are ..(.. different.)
National Day
11/18  2 days in the end of November. government will take holiday.
Public Holidays
Jan 2 / Feb 4 / Jul 23 / Aug 19 - 22 / Oct 26 - 29 / Nov 15 / Nov 18 - 19
(..about holiday in Ramadan etc... the holiday date might be postponed depend on the moon calender.)
Public organization working hours
On Saturday - Wednesday 7:30 - 14:30. (The period of Ramadan 8:30 - 13:30. )
Social and Business hours
On Saturday - Wednesday 8:00 - 13:00 and 15:30 - 18:30.
postcard is 150 baizas and letters are from 250 baizas.
It will take about one week- ten days.
Please note that the digit number for the telephone number was changed in Oman whole land in 2004.
when you want to call to Uae please dial 00+971 before you want to call phone No.
It becomes 00-971-4- xxxx-xxxx for 04- xxxx-xxxx
Let's contact a Your country embassy in Oman.

 Oman Outline

Oman is on the corner of the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, 16°40 N to 26°20 N and 51°50 E to 59°40 E. The coastline is 1,700 kilometers long, from the Strait of Hormuz to the border with Republic of Yemen, and is surrounded on three sides by the Persian Gulf, the Bay of Oman and the Arabian Sea. Oman has Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on the western border, the Republic of Yemen to the South and the Strait of Hormuz to the north. The overall surface area of the country is about 309,500 square kilometers, and it is the third biggest country in the Arabian Peninsula.
Oman, with its ever-changing geographical features, consists of plains, wadis and mountain ranges. The plains along the coast that account for 3 % of whole land mass is the most important region. The mountainous region covers 15 %, and the Al-Hagar mountain is from Musandam to Ruth Al Ra's Al Hadd. The Dhofar mountain range in the south of Oman experiences the monsoon, giving it a tropical and green season. The remainding region that accounts for 82 % of the country is desert and the soil area which includes a part of " blank zone " ( Rub' al Khali ).
*wadi: the bed or valley of a stream that is usually dry except during the rainy season and that often forms an oasis
The high temperature humidity of summer In June 31 - 48 ℃ clemency in winter In January 20 - 25 ℃. (Muscat)
Their climate varies considerably according to the regions, but it is usually sunny and warm throughout the year. It is hot and humid in the coastal areas in the summer and hot and dry inland. But the mountain region has a mild climate throughout the year. A large amount of rainfall and the thunderstorm might cause flooding at times though the rainfall is little and irregular, in general. The climate in the Dhofar provinces in the southern is mild. They have rain from May to September because of the monsoon.
Oman total population 2,325,438 Peoples (As of 1999.)
Omani 1,729,312 Peoples ( 74.26 %)
Foreign residents(25.64%)
Increase rate
About 2.5 % (end of the year 1999)
Average life span
72.8 years old (end of the year 99)
Arabic (official language) and English.
Besides these languages, this, Swahili, the Baroux Kyi , and Urdu are spoken in different regions, too.
National features
Oman has long prospered as a maritime state, and once had colonies. The country has preserved some of its old ways. Having had colonies before, Oman has learnt to be tolerant and moderate in its dealings with different cultures compared to other countries in the Arab world. Oman has a lot of exposure to the outside world, and the people have outgoing personalities. Omanis are proud of their traditions.
National flag
It was enacted in 1970. The configuration national emblem is added from three colors (white, red, and green). White shows peace and the decision to prosperity, Red shows fight against foreign power (The national flag before 70 years is one red color) and green are fertile the earth in Oman. National anthem
National anthem
"Assalamu Al sultani" Their pride of the past Omani glory and the tradition and pleasure to making Sultan Qaboos king in 1970, and the wish of longing Sultan Qaboos’s reign are put in the national anthem.
♪ ( If you wants to hear it : to HP of the Hiroshima Oman friendship society. )
National income
5,758,300,000 Rials
Gross national product
6,100,002,520 Rials
Amount of oil production
900,000 barrels/Day
Confirmed oil reserves
5.7 billion barrels
Confirmed natural gas reserves
29.1 trillion cube foot
4.69 million tons
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