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 Costs of Eating


Costs of eating can be very different from one another, It depends on how and where you eat.
About the same price as Eurpe, USA and Japan for 4 or 5 stars hotels' restaurants and high class reataurants. Buffet can cost about 10 - 15 Rials for BF, Lunch and Dinner at Hotels.
In local restaurants in the town, it is possible to eat for 600 - 800 Baisas.
In fashionable mid to high category of restaurants, it is possible to eat for 3 - 8 Rials or more.


 Costs of Hotels

Sheraton Hotel

The lodging expense is various from the exclusive hotel to the cheap hotel. In the cheap hotels in Muscat city, 10 - 15 Rials is a standard, Over 60 Rials is the exclusive hotel.
The whole gulf region is very expensive and the hotel charge is also becomming more expensive because of the inflationary situation since 2005.
A local middle hotel became 18-35 Rials in Khasab,Sohar,Nizwa,Sur,Salahlah and Buraymi etc.


 Costs of Transportation

Wadi Bani Khalid

The public transportations are not recommended for tourists.
The public bus has about 2 - 4 round trips a day but not recommended.We recommend you to join Tours or Rent-a-car to go outside of Muscat and using Taxi inside of Muscat.
Taxi costs about 2 - 3 Rials between Ruwi and Mutrah in Muscat.It is 5 - 10 Rials from the airport to the city. It reasonable since there is 40 Km from the city to the airport, although it feels too expensive.
The first negotiating is important because most of taxies do not have meters.


 Costs of Tours


There are many tours such as Muscat city tour and outside of Muscat tours. You can ask your hotel and travel companies.
The charter tours by 4 WD are highly recommended.
There are wadi (Oasis) tours and a tours of mountains and desert dunes.
If the numbers of people gather, the amount of money per person can be cheaper and reasonable to experience memorable tours in Oman. There are also over night tours to wahiba sands.


 Costs of Rent-a-car

Wahiba Sands
Type of car
Extra rate
Toyata ECO Class
1 Day: 14 Rials
250 Km free per day
Extra kilometers
50 Baisas per kilimeter
Toyota LAND Cruiser Class
1 Day: 36 Rials
150 Km free per day
Extra kilometers
95 Baisas per kilimeter

Over One Week is Unlimited Mileage.

As for the rent-a-car, the distance you can drive during a day is decided (limited) by Rent-a-car companies in Oman.
To Rent a 4 WD for one week costs about 850 Dollars which is 325 Rials. (May, 2005)
Gasoline is not expensive since Oman is an oil exporting country.
About 1 L = 0.12 Rial in the capital.

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