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There are plenty of restaurants in Muscat and main towns where you can enjoy cuisin of Indian dish, Iranian dish, Turkish dish, Lebanon dish, and Chinese dish.
A lot of restaurants are located along the road and the hotels so that you need a car or a taxi to get there.
Omani foods are greatly influenced by the Indian cuisine.
You could ask your hotel to advise you about the recomended restaurants in the town.


 Omani Dish

Omani Foods

Bin Ateeq Restaurant for Traditional OMAN Food is in Ruwi which is walking distance from Sheraton.
You can try real Omani foods there.
There are not much variety of Omani dish exist except for shark dish and bread called Brota, also some food made from milk.


 Family Room

Local Restourant

I recommend you to ask for “Family room” when you are eating with women or if you are a group of ladies.
Because it is a tradition in Arab world that women shouldn't be seen in public.
The family room is a private room. It is common in GCC nations


 Fast foods


It's not necessary to go to place such as Macdonald as you do in USA and EU when you want to eat in cheap places since Fast foods in Oman are quite pricy.
They have Mac, Kentucky, Starbucks and Costa but they are quite expensive.We recommend you to try real Omani foods rather than Fast foods.


 Fresh juice

Fresh Juice

When you visit Middle East, how about trying some fresh juice?
You can find a lot of cafeterias along the roads in Muscat, and the price is about 400 - 500 Baisas only.
However, it is one real in Carrefour and the shopping center.

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