OMAN navi !! (Welcome to Oman)



To experience the best parts of Oman, we recommend to travel by rent-a-car since it's not easy to travel around the country with very limitted public transportation.
It is possible to stay and explore the capital Muscat only but it won't be enough to understand the charm of this whole beautiful country if you miss the country side, Mountains and Desert.

 Muscat Area ( 1 - 2 days in Muscat )

Public transportation & Car

Please visit Mutrah Souk in the morning or in the evening.
You should avoid Friday mornings because most of the shops there are closed. They are also closed everyday from 12 : 00 pm to 16 : 00 pm (lunch time).
In the morning you can visit Grand Mosque (closed on Thursdays and Fridays), Mutrah Fish Souq, and you can also try the popular Dolphin tour.
To visit the old Fort of Bawshar and Al Bustan in the afternoon is a good idea too.


 Nizwa Area ( 1 - 2 days trip from Muscat )

Public transportation & Car
Nizwa Fort

It takes two hours from Muscat to Nizwa by car.
The Nizwa fort is famed for its huge dome (round tower). It is well worth visiting to see the beauty of it.
The Bahla Fort of World Heritage is 30 km west from Nizwa. Also The Jabrin castle is only 10 km away.
It is easy to vist three of them in a day trip.
There is some famouse pottery factory in Bahla where you will feel to be very welcomed by workers when you visit there.
There is an interesting impressive old village called Misfa on the hill to explore if you have more time.


 Wahiba Sands Area ( 1 - 2 days trip from Muscat )

Tour & 4WD Tour
Wahiba Sands

It is not possible to talk about Arabia without seeing the arabian desert. You can reach the entrance of Wahiba sands by 2WD car.
To see the dunes you can walk for 1 Km or you can ask local Bedouin to take you there.
They might let you ride a camel but you should purchase some hand made gifts from Bedouins for 10 Rials or so if they don't ask for money.
You cannot talk about Oman without seeing this beautiful Wahiba sands desert.
It is possible to visit wadi bani khalid as well after you visit the desert in a day or two.


 Quriyat Area ( 1 day trip from Muscat )

Tour & 4WD Tour

100 km south from Muscat, you can experience to see the real wadi.

You can enjoy real exciting mountain drive when you go to Wadi Suwayh.


 East Coast Area ( 1 day trip from Muscat )

Tour & 4WD Tour

This is the way from muscat to Sur.
First of all, you can visit Sink Hale filled with blue green water which was made by a meteorite. then you can visit white beach on the beautiful cost.
After that you can continue to drive to the famous Wadi Tiwi.
In addition, you can also visit Qalhat where you will find the old mosque which was built hundreds of years ago.
Sur is a town being famous for the Dhow yard. If you are lucky, you might see flamingo in the creek.


 Westrn Hajar Area ( 1 day trip from Muscat )

Tour & 4WD Tour

Western Hajara is the place where you can find the nature of green covered over mountains and you can see everyday life of Omani people living in those mountains.
You will have a pleasure to visit The wadi and oasis in the mountains here. It can be an interesting experience to drive by 4WD in rainy season to see how the real wadi looks like.


 Rustaq , Nakhl Area ( 1 day trip from Muscat )

Public transportation & Car
Nakhl (Friday Market)

Great Historic Sites where you can easily visit from Muscat.
The Forts of Nakhal,Rustaq and Hazm can be visited in a day.
There also is a hot spring 2 Km from the fort of Nakhal and Rustaq. The Forts are closed on fridays.

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