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Products of Oman



Seeb Souq

Try this sweet called dates when you visit Oman.
You can often find people in the villages and forts eating dates with Arabic coffee.
If you want to buy dates for a souvenir, they are sold in the shopping center, etc


 Omani halwa

Omani halwa

It is a traditional sweet of Oman.
It tastes sweet and spicy.
They have special stores for Omani halwa (halwa means Sweets in English).
Halwa is very popular amang Omani in daily life.



Omani Honey

Oman's honey industry has been active for a long time.
The taste is a bit spicy, and the texture is thick and very pure.
I will recommend to make sure to buy the original Omani ones since there are a lot of them imported from Iran recently .
Please note that there are some honey also to be sold as a medical use.



Mutrah Souq
Luban (Frankincence) luban
Bayt an Naman

Perfume is widely used among Omani people, and various ones are sold in Oman. The perfume bottles of various glassworks are sold. There are shops that sells bottles with your favorite perfume which you can choose.
It is possible to buy it with 3 - 10 Rials though it depends on the bottle. It is also a good idea to buy only the bottle for the souvenir .
However, the high-quality perfume shops are at the city center etc. , and it does cost about 5 - 40 Rials.
In addition, do not forget that Amouage as the most popular high class perfume. It costs about 40 - 70 rials.
You can buy it at the city center and also at the sheave international airport. It is possible to buy at the factory too. The designs are - For women it is shape of mosque. For men it is shape of Khanjar.



Amouage Shop

A general perfume is used, and various the one is sold in Oman.
The bottle of various glassworks is sold. There is a shop that makes a favorite perfume bottled and sells it, too.
It is possible to buy it with 3 - 10 Rials though it depends on the bottle.
Of course, it is also the best for the souvenir to buy only the bottle.
Moreover, the high-level perfume shop is at the city center etc. , and does 5 - 40 Rials level.
In addition, do not forget Amouage as the highest perfume. It is about 40 - 70 Rials.
You can buy it at the city center also by the sheave international airport. It is possible to buy at the factory. For women is a mosque type. For men is Khanjar type.




A Khanjar means a crescent dagger in English.
It was a sword that People used to wear in the waist as a proof of adult male in old times in the gulf.
It is a symbol of Oman and Khanjar was written in the national emblem on the top left.
The replica ones are about 5 Rials. If it is a real thing, it is possible to buy it with 10 - 15 Rials in the souvenir shop.
However, if it is a real, silver goods, it can cost more than 100 Rials. Please put it in the suitcase when you return home. Bringing into the airplane is strictly prohibited.


 Omani Silver

Omani Silver

The Omani silver is very famous.
Silver might be cheap, and can be the best for the souvenir compare to gold goods for being more afordable.
The jewelry box is about 7 - 15 Rials. The necklace is about 3 - 6 Rials. Also they have variety of Accessories .
Try find accessories that have some caractor of Oman.
For instance, There are a khanjar designed necklaces which makes it a great souvenir.


 Bedouin craft

Bedouin craft

If you want something which is made in Oman, Bedouin handmade products might be the best from Wahiba sands.
There are handmade accessories and products made of traditional fabric. You can Purchase them direct from bedouins in Wahiba sands.
You can also find them at the special stores in the city such as OMANI Handcraft House in the next to the Ramada hotel l and OMANI HERITAGE in the shopping center next to Intercontinental Hotel, both are in Muscat.




The henna is one of the fashion like make-up in Gulf states, India, Pakistan, and North Africa.
How about trying it in your hotel (You can ask at the reception), beauty parlor, special shop as your memory of visiting Oman.




Shesha is very popular in Islamic countries, including Magreb.
There are flavours of fruits such as orange, strawberry, and grape.
It is likely to feel dizzy if you smoke it for a long time though it seems that it is lighter than the cigarette. A sound of water and an impressive smell of shisha can be a good memory of Oman.
They sell shisha at The airport duty free shop in Muscat and Dubai.

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