OMAN navi !! (Welcome to Oman)

What to see?



Mutrah Souq

In general, Souq means market in Arab.
The Souq is generally in the central portion of the town, and has divided into the corners of dates, fruits, meat and poultry, and fishes, etc. They also have some independent Souq only for fish like the fish market in Mutrah of Muscat and some other big cities.



Grand Mosque

In Oman, there are a lot of mosques. They have more graceful apearance of mosques compare to the other Gulf countries such as UAE.
The mosques do not have much inside, except the altar in the center, and there is only a big space for the prayers. The altar indicates Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is one of the few mosques in Oman that allows non-Muslims to enter.




Wild camels are in the whole country.
There are a lot of them especially in the regions where green trees have grown. The regions where you have big chances to find them are al Dahirah (Hatta north side), Al batinah, Aal Sharqiyah, Al Wusta, and Dhofar. Although Camels you can find in Dhofar are not wild ones.


 Forts & Castles

Nizwa Fort

There are more than 100 Forts & Castles in Oman.
The ones that suffer the crisis of the collapse by weather are not few. The ministry of culture is positively working on the restoration repair activity of those forts.
Many of forts which have finished the restoration are open to the public.



Wahiba Sands

Easy place to visit for sightseeing is wahiba sands desert of Al Sharqiyah.
The development for tourism has not done yet in wahiba sands unlike the other places in the gulf which makes this place more attractive than other deserts in the other gulf countries, and there are bedouins still living in the desert you may meet when you visit there.
please take care about handling of the precision machines such as cameras because the sands of the dunes are very fine so that cameras can easily be damaged.



Wadi Bani Khalid

Because of the fascinating geographical features and very interesting variety of climate, Oman is a great country to explore and enjoy the nature.
4WD is essential to go to most of destinations over land. There are a lot of spectacle sites in Oman which you shouldn't miss such as wadis (oasis) and mountains.




Oman's perfume and incense are famous.
The typical material is a frankincense in Dhofar.
There are some tours from Salalah to see Frankincense.




Even the dhow construction of Oman prosperous in the maritime culture was famous for a long time.
It takes an active part in the active service now.
The Dhow is seen in the coast and the port in nationwide various places.
Sur of Al Sharqiyah is a famous port for the dhow construction.


 World Heritage


They have a lot of World Heritage in Oman.
The government is working positively to protect the cultural heritage and the natural heritage.
Four historical places and one natural place in Oman are specified for the World Heritage of UNESCO ( 2007 ).

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