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Shopping Center


 Shopping center

Muscat City Centre ( Carrefour )
City Center is 3 Km from the sheave international airport on the west side.
It is an integrated shopping center including Carrefour.
Capital Commercial Centre
Alias CCC is located in Al Qurm.They have supermarket and souvenir shops and it is very convenient since it is located near the Highway.
Al Harthy complex
Al Harthy complex is beside the highway, on the way to Ruy from AlQurum. They have high class fashion stores etc.
Next to it is Sultan Center which is a shopping centre.
Al Raimi Jawharat A'Shati
There is a shopping center in al Qurum near Inter-continental Hotel.
There is a shop of craft goods of bedwin, there also is a shop called Battle which is famous for dates.
You can find some restautants there as well.
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