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About this homepage
It is a homepage about Oman.
It is a sightseeing guide but not the travelling diary.
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It verifies it in the homepage creation by the main browser.
It verifies it by Internet Explorer 6.0 and 5.23 of Win and Mac.
Moreover, it verifies it by each browser of safari, Netscape 7.1 , Opera 9.0, and Firefox 2.0 in Mac.
(Version Anniversary 3 )
Description content guarantee
We cannot have the responsibility for the damage that might have occured by the content of this home page.
We offer you the informations about Oman as correct as possible at times.
Name of places
Please acknowledge that the name of places in English could have many different spelling since they are based in Arabic.
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It would be greatly appreciated if you coule let us know when you add this website to your link (Fav.) lists although this website is link free.
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Do not use them for any other purposes.It is forbidden.
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This homepage, OMAN navi !! Version Anniversary 3 ,clears all standards in W3C that is an international standard.  

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